It appears to be just a concept for the moment, but I adore this "LULL" lamp that opens and closes like a flower, softly dimming the light before fading out at night, then cracking open along with the dawn. Something about items in our home responding to the outside world really, really appeals to me; I want my home to breathe. (And yes, I know how to make the walls breathe, but that's not a good daily solution.)

Of course, not all children man be as happy as this one to wake to a yawning metal blossom beaming light right into their soul, but if you can't traumatize a child at least once a day, what's the point of having them?

譯:牽牛花(朝顏),早上開花,晚上凋謝。而這一款 LuLL 的花型概念燈,就跟牽牛花一樣,晚上會閤起透出淡淡的花芒,一到白天就會整個綻放,發出耀眼的光芒!





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